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A Study on Effects of Promoting Phases Towards the Implementation of Green Technology in Selangor; Malaysia

The aim of the study is to addresses the application/challenges and implementation strategies have to adopt to improve green buildings in Selangor, Malaysia. Quantitative study has conducted to determine the objectives have set. Questionnaire as an instrument is used to collect the data from construction experts in Selangor. Importantly most of the respondents claimed that they have knowledge of green buildings but due to several factors the green buildings residency found lower among the respondents. The study of green building application is important to deeply understand the nature of the green building are energy efficient; can use recycle material; Green building has improved living standard of human life; green buildings provide thermal comfort to its residents; reduce waste generated in the house; green buildings are sound proof and protect occupants from sound pollution. These are the remarkable application and importance of green buildings. In the implementation have several challenges faced by the green buildings are high cost; proper workers training & education; awareness among public and lack of government body interest found the reason lower attraction for the green building in Malaysia. On the other side, lack of research and development; lack of government support & promotion; cultural issues and lack of client awareness are the barriers. In the implementation of green buildings skills development, government interest; proper cost analysis; awareness program; research and development should be the implementation strategies. The implementation strategies are highly recommended by the respondents of the study which will improve contribution of green buildings in the society.