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Proposed Natural Methods for Enhancing Thermal Comfort and Reducing Electricity Consumption in Hun City in Libya

The climate in any place is affected by many factors such as weather seasons and the temperature changing in night and day. Without using additional methods and techniques for thermal comfort, the outdoor increase the difficulty of archive the thermal comfort in houses. The electrify mechanical like air conditions is used widely to achieve the houses thermal comfort. The main challenge of the electricity mechanical is the large energy consumption which leads to increase the money and resources expenses of people and country. The main aim of this study is to explore the current situation of energy consumption and thermal comfort in Hun city in Libya. In order to address this objective, a questionnaire survey with 31 Houses in Hun city was conducted. The significant results of data analysis show that the thermal comfort in the Houses is achieved using electricity, mechanical such as air conditions and fans which expense peoples' money due to the large consumption of electricity. This study has recommended some natural shading and shadows methods to enhance the thermal comfort in houses and reduce the electricity consumption. Keywords - Electricity Consumption; Thermal Comfort; Hot Dry Climate; Natural Shadows; Natural Shading