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Typification of Port Space And Making its Placeness Based on FBCS

A lot of city have different characteristics in their location, space and environment each other. These characters are the factors showing inherent placeness of each space, and those factors should be reflected sufficiently in urban planning and development. Nonetheless, there are many parts that are not actually reflected in the plan, and this creates a space of unexpected arming. Especially, port area in a port city has strong characteristics of culture, history, geography and environment of the city concerned. In other words, it is considered that not only the physical factors but also the social factors should be actively reflected to highlight the place character of the port space. In this paper we are to construct the factors forming the placeness of port space based on the Form Based Codes rising as a flexible urban planning method in order to avoid rigidity of existing use district zoning system, and to propose the directions of developing and planning port space in future. Indexterms- Port space, Space typification, Form Based Codes, Placeness.