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Bivariate Flood Frequency Analysis of Sungai LUI Catchment in Malaysia Using Archimedean Copulas

In order to formulate mitigating measures against flood damages, flood frequency analyses are required. There are several methods of flood frequency analyses applied throughout the world. This study will focus on bivariate flood frequency analyses. Archimedean copulas have been adopted, using Gumbel, Frank and Clayton copulas. Sungai Lui catchment in Malaysia was adopted as the study area. Akaike Information Criterion (AIC) was used to assess the copulas. L-moment was used to assess the distributions. Graphical methods were used to find relationships between Flood Peak, Flood Volume and Flood Duration. Results show that Generalised Extreme Value (GEV) was the best fitted distribution for Flood Peak, and Weibul were the best fitted distribution for Flood Volume and Flood Duration. Gumbel was found to be the best copulas with minimum AIC values. Relationships were established between Flood Peak-Flood Volume, Flood Peak-Flood Duration and Flood Volume-Flood Duration. Index Terms- Akaike Information Criterion, Clayton Copula, Flood frequency analysis, Frank Copula, Gumbel Copula, Joint Cumulative Distribution, Marginal Distribution Parameter.