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Performance of Multiple Tuned Liquid Column Dampers in Vibration Control of Structures under Real Earthquake Excitation

The effectiveness of Multiple Tuned Liquid Column Dampers (MTLCD) in suppressing structural vibrations considering different real earthquake time history data is investigated using a numerical method to deal with the nonlinearity of the governing equations in this paper. It was found that increasing the number of TLCDs can enhance the efficiency of the MTLCD. The study also shows that effectiveness of the MTLCD to reduce structural displacement and acceleration is highly dependent on the nature of the earthquake excitation. The results also confirm that although the performance of the proposed TCLD vary with the nature of the earthquakes, but overall it performs exceptionally well for all earthquakes, by standing out the maximum structural displacements and also rapid response decay. Keywords - Real earthquake time history, vibration control, multiple tuned liquid column dampers, tuned liquid column dampers.