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Effect of Soil Structure Interaction on RC Building under Earthquake Load

Structural system is influenced by the type of soil as well as the type of structure. The effect of soil structure interaction should be considered in the buildings which are located in the earthquake prone areas and an attempt has been made during the present study to understand the behavior of RCC buildings with fixed and flexible support subjected to seismic forces for different soil conditions given in the response spectrum of the code IS 1893 ( Part1 ) : 2002. The study is carried out on G+15 storey buildings supported on dense, stiff and soft soils and modeled as fully infilled and OGS building frame. According to FEMA 273, FEMA 356,Gazetas and wolf equations are used for representing stiffness of soil and the foundation resting on it as a spring. This paper investigates the seismic performance evaluation using the non linear static pushover analysis in software SAP 2000. Base shear, lateral displacement at performance point and failure hinges variation are obtained and compared among the models. Keywords - Pushover analysis, Soil structure interaction, Flexible soil.