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Vulnerability Assessment of Soft Ground Storied Building of Different Shape of Regular and Plan Irregular Buildings under Earthquake Load

Open ground storey (OGS) building has taken its place in the Indian urban environment due to the fact that it provides much needed parking facility in the ground storey of the building. Surveys of buildings failed in past earthquakes show that this types of buildings are found to be one of the most vulnerable. In this paper all buildings are considered located in seismic zone V for the study using CSI SAP2000 v18 software. Infill stiffness was modeled using a diagonal strut approach. In present study Seismic vulnerability assessment of seven OGS building models have same plan area of different shapes by non-linear static analysis. Base shear, roof displacement and inter storey drift compare with the storey level regular and different shape of plan irregular buildings. Keywords - Open ground storey, Non-linear static analysis, Equivalent diagonal strut.