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A Standardized Façade Unit For Hanok With The Microalgal Energy Production System

Currently, there has been a growing interest in energy issues in the world. In addition, the energy problem has occurred in the building. Such energy can solve the problem, energy to be applied to algae façade system that can be produced in a building. By utilizing the algae, it is possible to produce energy environmentally friendly, can be utilized culture system and color of algae, giving a color change of the building. Algae Façade system will be able to serve for changing the health and sensitivity of environmental change and people in the building chamber greatly affects the energy savings and comfort of the building. The purpose of this paper in order to research and applications in microalgae culturing on large scale become more and more common in many fields including Hanok industry in Korea: functional food production and environment treatment, so using modified medium culture to improve lipid content in microalgae cells is really feasible. Index Terms- Hanok, Microalgae, Algae Cultivation, Algae Façade, Algae Flocculation, Energy Conversion