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The Study of E-Learning Solution For Secondary School Students

The development of full-fledged e-learning tools in recent years has highlighted its benefits—no time or space limitations, reduced learning time and cost, and the availability of interactive and diverse materials, making it a suitable option for after-school remedial learning. With this in mind, this study examines the methods needed to help meet consumer expectations after e-learning product purchases.Secondary school students preparing for entrance examinations are generally passive learners, meaning that they may be less motivated to learn through e-learning courses, resulting in an abandonment of e-learning tools. Furthermore, the integrity of e-learning materials has often been questioned regarding the lack of physical learning support mechanisms and poor learning interaction, both of which may contribute to learners’ poor performance.Based on the results of a user survey, in-depth user interviews outcome. This study has found that e-learning needs a two-pronged learning model that provides highly innovative and customized e-learning services, comprehensive mentoring support mechanisms, and physical learning support environments. Keywords: E-learning, Questionnaire, Depth Interview