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Optımızatıon Of Insulatıon Thıckness For External Walls Consıderıng Dıfferent Clımatıc Condıtıons

In this study, the thermal insulation thicknesses for building walls have been determined comparatively based on the different climatic conditions and energy requirements considering seasonal and annual. In the optimization procedure, in addition to heating/cooling loads of building the economic factors and the properties of the materials used in wall structure have been used. The economic optimum insulation thickness has been performed for four degree-day regions representing different climatic conditions. By determining the sol-air temperatures for each region and maximizing the present worth value of seasonal and annual energy savings, the optimum thermal insulation thicknesses have been calculated. As a result, the variation of optimum insulation thicknesses with the climatic conditions, the effects of solar radiation on the heating, cooling and annual energy requirements of buildings and the differences between the optimization procedures based on the seasonal or annual energy requirements have been presented comparatively. Index Terms- Insulation thickness, optimization, climatic conditions, energy requirements