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Lustrum Ambient Air Quality Comparision Study Inemerging Cities of Andhra Pradesh (Vijayawada & Visakapatnam)

Rapid industrial and economic growth of the developing countries in Asia has increased urbanization and population pressure on local and national governments to keep pace with urban environmental management systems to meet the needs of the expanding cities with numerous parameters for management. Air pollution abatement strategies, solid waste water and sewerage systems are the essentials of environmental management. Periodic survey has to be done by the Industry/Government/State or Central Pollution Control Boards in order to investigate the concentrations various air and water pollutants. The present study focuses on ambient air quality status at selected locations in Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam during different periods. The data collected has been compared and graphs to be plotted. Accordingly observations and concluding remarks were made. It has been observed that the Solid Particulate Matter (SPM) Levels were found to be above National Ambient Air Quality (NAAQ) Standards. The study also indicates that the concentration of SPM is higher than the other pollutants. The information furnished in this report will also act as a baseline data and help the municipal officers to implement some remedial steps to minimize the pollution. Keywords- Air Quality, Air Pollutants, Solid Particulate Matter and Lustrum Comparison