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Design and Analysis of an IC Engine Piston and Piston Rings by using Three Different Materials

Piston plays a main role in energy conversation. Failure of piston due to various thermal and mechanical stresses. The working condition of the piston is so worst in comparison of other parts of the internal combustion engine. The main objective of this work is to investigate and analyze the stress distribution of piston. Design and analysis of an IC engine piston using three different materials that are used in this project. we are taking pulsar 220cc piston dimensions different materials (grey cast iron, aluminium alloy, AL-SIC) have been selected for structural and thermal analysis of piston and piston rings. we created pressure on piston head 13.65Mpa and 19.649N on these three materials, and we applied temperature 4000c on piston crown and 3000c on piston rings .finally we find out the which one is the suitable material on piston in these three materials. Design of the piston is carried out using CATIA software, static and thermal analysis is performed using Finite Element Analysis (FEA).