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Design and Experimental Analysis of Thermo Electric Air Conditioner for Car and Power Generation System with Ultracooling

Since some decades of science invention we saw the various improvements. Thermoelectric phenomena, the idea emerges from the thermocouple which imparts concept of gaining potential difference by maintaining two junctions at different temperatures. The maintenance of temperature at two different junctions causes power generation, refrigeration and air conditioning respectively and vice versa. Find this is also a way to overcome the environmental pollution caused by conventional system due to the direct conversion of temperature difference into voltage gradient without any mechanical systems. The purpose of this paper is utilisation of thermo electric phenomena by applying pettier effect in various sectors. In This paper we have also mention the application of thermoelectric phenomena which is playing a vital role room conditioning for industries, domestic areas and all sorts of areas along with the ultra-cooling system for maintaining the two junctions at different temperatures. Index terms - Peltier effect, thermoelectric phenomena, thermocouple, thermoelectric, thermoelectric module, potential difference, voltage gradient, seebeck effect.