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Application of Frequency Response Function Method for Detection of Damage in a Beam Structure

Damage detection in structures is a major concern for scholars all around the world nowadays. It provides a quantitative and qualitative data of any structure which can be used to predict the condition of a structure. Many numerical and experimental approaches have already been established by various authors, which have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Howsoever the experimental studies have been proved more efficient than numerical models. In this study the concept frequency response function and change in natural frequency has been used. The experiment is carried out on a cantilever mild steel beam and different damage scenarios are being induced and studied and the data is recorded, analyzed and finally compared to obtain the results. Data is recorded with the help of an accelerometer and the excitation force is given by a hammer. The data is analyzed in a FFT analyzer and responses are shown in the BRUEL & KJAER PULSE LABSHOP software. Lastly the obtained FRF curves are compared and results show that the damage is effectively detected in the steel structures. This method is more efficient in higher modes rather than lower frequencies. Keywords - Modal parameters, Natural Frequency, Frequency Response Function (FRF), Damage Detection, Accelerometer, Hammer and FFT Analyzer