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Comparative Analysis of Slope Stability of Boradi Earthen Dam by Analytical Method with Geo Studio Software

Slope stability and seepage analysis of earth dam is very important to ascertain the stability of the structure. The uses of analytical method of slope stability and seepage have gained popularity in recent years due to its capability to handle complex problems. The stability of earth dam depends on its geometry, its components, materials, properties of each component and the forces to which it is subjected. The design of earth dams involves many considerations that must be examined before initiating detailed stability analyses. Such as geological and subsurface explorations, the earth or rock-fill materials available for construction should be carefully studied. The research focus on stability analysis carried out on Boradi village dam in Maharashtra in India and calculating results by using Geostudio software. The results of the factor of safety were considered to the Boradi village dam without water level, steady-state water level and water level drawdown by using analytical and Swedish circle method analysis to compare with Geostudio software method. Keywords - Analytical method, Geostudio software, Safety factor, Seepage, Slope stability.

Author - Hemraj Kumavat, Pratiksha More, Aishwarya Pingale, Vaishali Shidgor

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| Published on 2018-08-04
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