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Critical Factors Affecting Development Of Infrastructure In Nigeria

Author :Gbadebo M.A, Olalusi O.C

Article Citation :Gbadebo M.A ,Olalusi O.C , (2015 ) " Critical Factors Affecting Development Of Infrastructure In Nigeria " , International Journal of Advances in Mechanical and Civil Engineering (IJAMCE) , pp. 23-28, Volume-2, Issue-1

Abstract : This study is specially designed to investigate the critical factors affecting development of infrastructure in Nigeria focusing on the Nigeria fourth republic (1999 till date). Questionnaire was used to obtain information on factors that affect development of infrastructure in Nigeria. The targeted sample population for this study comprises of two hundred (200) Nigerian citizens in the study Area. Analysis and interpretation of data was used of frequently distribution table and simple percentage. Chi – Square statistical method was used in testing the hypotheses in order to arrive at valid conclusion. The data shows the Factors Affecting Development of Infrastructure in Nigeria. The findings in the table depicted that 20% Strongly Agreed, a majority of 60% agreed. However, a few 17% of the respondents disagree while 10% of the respondents strongly disagreed that Dearth of Visionary Leaders is one of the major factor affecting the Development of Infrastructure in Nigeria. Also demand and supply as a factor affecting development of infrastructure: majority of 51% of the respondents Agreed, 23% strongly Agreed, 20% disagreed while the lowest percentages (10%) strongly disagreed to the statement. Low Level of Technology; majority 86% of the respondents Agreed, 13% strongly agreed while 1% disagreed. Capital Flight, Capital Sink and Capital Stagnancy: 49% of the respondents agreed while majority of 51% strongly agreed to the statement. Corruption pestles Analysis and Development Matrix: 49%, 38%, 31% agreed respectively, 38%, 49%, 37% strongly agreed respectively, 6.5%, 6.5%, 17% disagreed respectively, while 10%, 10%, 15% strongly disagreed to the statements respectively. The factors affecting of infrastructure development in fourth republic are many. It was conclude that Political, Economic, Social, Technology, Legal, Environmental have effect on Infrastructure Development in Nigeria. The demand surpasses the supply and finance that will stimulate rapid provision is not there. Due to wide gap between provision and needs, the leadership classes are in arrears in all sectors. The political situation is not encouraging to foreign investors. Governments do not set the priority right in infrastructure development. Projects are supposed to meet objectives, but in most cases, projects embarked upon are white elephant projects. Keywords- Affecting, Critical, Development, Factors and Infrastructure.

Type : Research paper

Copyright: © Institute of Research and Journals

Author - Gbadebo M.A, Olalusi O.C

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| Published on 2015-02-04
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