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Study of CFS, HRS and Hybrid Structure

Author :Rishav Mandal, M. Shanmughasundharam

Article Citation :Rishav Mandal ,M. Shanmughasundharam , (2021 ) " Study of CFS, HRS and Hybrid Structure " , International Journal of Advances in Mechanical and Civil Engineering (IJAMCE) , pp. 21-26, Volume-8,Issue-1

Abstract : In the present day, light gauge steel framed (LGSF) structures can be the most useful and the advanced method or the present method for construction. Its green construction, less dead weight, fast construction can makes it the most compatible construction in today’s world. The advantage in this construction industry is the process of making the emissions less for construction as making the construction a green construction for the todays world. The CFS construction is a green construction in which its construction process and uses of it makes it a green construction. The cold formed steel is different from the hot rolled section in terms of its manufacturing process. The main aspect of this construction is the use of light gauge steel to construction which reduces the amount of steel construction and the process of the construction also makes it an efficient construction. In this paper, an experimental program was done for the study of the behavior of the HRS & CFS and the software STAAD Pro. and FRAMECAD is used. The C-section with lip is used for making the panels and the frames is u. This study is generally the behavior of the HRS and CFS combined as a structure and analysing the structure and designing the structure based on the structural aspect. The connection of the structural steel is the major part of the construction as it gives us the strength of the joints. The connection design sheets are being developed with various connections and the results were validated theoretically with various results obtained from the same. Keywords - LGSF, HRS, CFS, Connection, VBA, Validation Cases.

Type : Research paper

Published : Volume-8,Issue-1


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| Published on 2021-06-14
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