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Paper Title :
Optimization of Tuned Mass Damper in Multistoried Buildings

Author :Dinakara Akarsh P., Ronghe G.N.

Article Citation :Dinakara Akarsh P. ,Ronghe G.N. , (2016 ) " Optimization of Tuned Mass Damper in Multistoried Buildings " , International Journal of Advances in Mechanical and Civil Engineering (IJAMCE) , pp. 94-99, Volume-3,Issue-4

Abstract : Need for taller structures in real estate industry are increasing day by day around all over the world. These structures are made flexible and constructed as light as possible in order to minimize the seismic weight (being inertia force, seismic force is dependent on total weight) which have low value of damping which makes them vulnerable to unwanted vibration. This vibration creates problem with serviceability requirement of the structure and also reduce structural integrity which results in possibilities of failure. Due to rapid development in construction industry, the new innovations in structural systems are being used to reduce wind and earthquake induced structural vibration. Now-a-days several techniques are available to minimize the vibration of the structure. One of them is TMD (Tuned Mass Damper). The concept of using TMD as vibration controller is an efficient and economic method. The application of tuned-mass dampers (TMD) is effective in improving the dynamic performance of structures. A TMD consists of a relatively small mass and stiffness which is attached to the main structure. The frequency is tuned in regard to the disturbing natural period of the system. The main structure usually possesses little damping and hence, it is easily excited by wind and earthquakes. A TMD is equipped with viscous dampers as they control the relative motion between main structure and the TMD. Additionally the viscous damping spreads the operation frequency band of the TMD and thus, the operation of the TMD becomes more stable in regard to frequency changes. In this paper, a numerical study is carried out to know the performance of TMD for both short period and long period structures under real time history earthquakes. Index Terms- Dynamic performance, optimization of tuned mass damper, Passive control system, Structural Control, Seismic Behavior, Vibration, Tuned Mass Damper

Type : Research paper

Published : Volume-3,Issue-4


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| Published on 2016-09-16
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