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Change Detection in Mangalore Coastline Using Multi Temporal Remote Sensing Satellite Data and GIS

Author :Rahisha T, K C Goud A, V Sreedhara

Article Citation :Rahisha T ,K C Goud A ,V Sreedhara , (2016 ) " Change Detection in Mangalore Coastline Using Multi Temporal Remote Sensing Satellite Data and GIS " , International Journal of Advances in Mechanical and Civil Engineering (IJAMCE) , pp. 9-14, Special Issue

Abstract : Coastal zones with its fragile environmental features are particularly vulnerable to storms, climate change, pollution and uncontrolled development, requires a coordinated management plan. The Mangalore coast of Dhakshna Kannada district of Karnataka state keeps varying due to changes in wind, wave, tidal and anthropogenic effects which are seasonal. The multi-date, multi-sensor data products study also indicates gradual shifting of the estuarine mouth of Nethravathi-Gurupur. The breakwaters of New Mangalore Port and at the mouth of Nethravathi - Gurupur estuaries contributed to the modification of coastline. The Coastline mapping and change detection are important for coastal resource management, environment protection, for safe navigation and for sustainable coastal development and planning. Over the past 33 years Mangalore coast have been under an intensive restrain associated with population pressure, urbanization and industrialisation. This paper is focused on coastline evolution, monitoring and its potential changes estimation by geospatial techniques using multi-temporal satellite images Mangalore coast. Coastline changes were extracted by using SoI toposheet (1982), radiometrically and geometrically corrected satellite imageries for the period from 1989 to 2015. Overlay analysis of historical Coastline maps of vector layers are carried out in GIS environment and determined changes along the coastline. Erosion and accretion determined for entire coast by preparing 1km X 1km grid and separated the grid numbers into four Zones. All along the Mangalore coast south to north large variation in erosion and accretion processes. This study reveals that all along the Netravati-Gurpur estuary there is a net deposition. Accretion is specifically observed at zone 3 and zone 4 and erosion is mainly observed at zone 2. From the change analysis of 33 years, It can be conclude that the largest variation in the position of coastline occurred in Mangalore coast south Talipadi to north Sashihithlu. Coastline changes such as erosion and accretion area will be studied for implementing appropriate coastal management strategies or interventions. Keywords- Environmental coastal management, Landsat, Remote sensing, GIS, Coastline, Erosion and accretion, Coastal Zone Management.

Type : Research paper

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Author - Rahisha T, K C Goud A, V Sreedhara

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| Published on 2016-09-19
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