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Geotechnical Properties of Lime Stabilized Fly Ash - Mine Overburden For Haul Road

Coal based thermal power plants all over the world face a serious problem of handling and disposal of the fly ash. It poses a very challenging task of safe handling, proper disposal and utilization of the fly ash. In order to increase its utilization prospects an investigation was carried out for use in mine haul road construction. In the present study, detailed laboratory investigations carried out on lime stabilized fly ash - mine overburden mixes to evaluate their suitability for mine haul road construction. Lime stabilized fly ash - mine overburden mixes were prepared at different proportions. Compaction tests, California bearing ratio (CBR), Unconfined compressive strength (UCS), Ultrasonic pulse velocity tests were carried out at different curing periods. Ultrasonic pulse velocity tests confirmed the obtained UCS values. The mixes with 30% fly ash and 70% overburden stabilized with 9% lime produced highest compressive strength, ultrasonic velocity and bearing ratio value as compared to that of other mixes with curing suitable for mine haul road construction. Keywords— fly ash, mine overburden, UCS, CBR, Ultrasonic pulse velocity, lime.

Author - Banita Behera

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| Published on 2016-12-27
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