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Design Suggestions for Glass Building Facades Utilized With Algae Energy Sources

Highly-intensified daylight distribution through glass-wall may distract the clear definitions of building parts. Besides, building parts very often are identified with the functions designed within some illumination, opacity and transparency values.On the other hand, currently, there has been a growing interest in energy issues, and the energy problem has occurred in the building. Algae Façade systemproducing energy sources through the building componentsis being appeared as one of new efficient alternatives toresolve the problem, and the proposed system will be able to serve for enhancing the user health and handling sensitivity of environmental change. By utilizing the algae, it is possible to produce environmentally friendlyenergy resources and utilize an integrative system giving a color change to the building. The integrative algal façade connecting LED lamps in the enclosed photo-bioreactor system is currently being developed as a cutting-edge technology to try for growth of color expression towards algal glass enclosures, and this way will give design directions for various building elevations beyond the originally simple green enclosures. Index Terms—Glazing, Daylighting, Spatial Organization, Algae Façade, Glass Enclosures, Building Design Suggestions.

Author - Seung-Hoon Han

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| Published on 2017-01-17
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