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Light Weight Translucent Concrete

Author :Sandeep Mahto, Jitu Kujure

Article Citation :Sandeep Mahto ,Jitu Kujure , (2017 ) " Light Weight Translucent Concrete " , International Journal of Advances in Mechanical and Civil Engineering (IJAMCE) , pp. 112-115, Volume-4,Issue-3

Abstract : Light Weight Translucent concrete is the concrete in which light is transferred through stone (concrete) from one end to other. This conduction of light takes place because of the material that is optical fibers which gives the transmissive property to the concrete block. Optical fibers are embedment in transverse, defined direction layer by layer according to the pattern required. Percentage of light and its pattern depends upon the fiber layout or structure. For making the structure lighter cavities are created by introducing voids in it. This void can be created by using FOAMING AGENT (EBBASOIC) and also light weight aggregate that is over burnt bricks. (Note: Size of the aggregate should not greater than 10mm in size).

Type : Research paper

Published : Volume-4,Issue-3


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| Published on 2017-08-26
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